What We Do

We care about you and your pets and we take toy safety seriously.

We have done our very best to ensure that our materials and construction techniques are as safe as possible. From choosing non toxic materials and coloring, to drawing on years of experience and research and paying attention to every detail, we work hard to help ensure your pet's safety.

Safety features common to all of our toys:
  • All nontoxic materials
  • No heavy metals
  • No paint, stains, varnishes or coatings
  • No glues
  • Natural and wood items are colored with human grade food coloring
  • Thoughtful and safe construction techniques are applied to every toy

What You Can Do

You can pick up where we leave off by choosing properly sized toys, choosing species appropriate toys, supervising play and by removing toys which your pet has deconstructed.

  • Supervise your pet when you first give them a new type of toy. Observe how they play. Make sure that they are not getting tangled up, deconstructing the toy in such a way that it is no longer safe or eating toy parts which are not edible.
  • If you are using quick links or pear links close them tightly (using pliers if needed) to ensure that your pet can not open them. Check them daily to make sure they are still tightly closed.
  • Trim all loose or long rope pieces that are no longer covered with toy parts. Shorten and tie another knot to keep things at safe lengths.
  • Trim any long wicker or rattan strips, especially on hanging toys. Parrots can become entangled in unraveling toys.
  • Do not allow your pet to eat toy parts which are non edible. Most parrots will chew and drop toy parts, but make sure you know what your bird will actually do.

Please stop by soon for more helpful tips.

If you have any questions or need help please contact us.
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