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Foraging Drawers

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Foraging Drawers with Foot Toys

Not Intended for Large Parrots.

  • These little drawers are perfect for conure sized birds
  • There is so much you can do with them
  • Fill them with treats
  • Fill them with toys
  • We even include 5 little toys to get you started
  • Secure with two included zip ties
  • Work great on top our platform perches
  • Fill it up each day with goodies and they will be sure to empty it out
  • Lots of enrichment for your little feathered friends.
  • Best for medium to small birds.
  • Approximately 4x5x3.5 inches. Drawers slide out but do not fall out. My birds sometimes remove them but that's just extra work for them (and extra fun).

My Caiques love, love, love these little drawers. They are the perfect size. Of course they have been remodeled by the birds, the handles have been removed and a convenient beak grabbing hole has been installed by the parrots. Once they get it just the way they want it, they love it.

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