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Baby Links - 6 Pack - Bird Toy Part

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Large Baby Links - 6 pack

  • Large sturdy links for small or large birds
  • Perfect base for foot toys
  • Great for hanging toys and attaching to cage
  • Use to hang toys at various levels, perfect for adjusting the hanging height of a toy to match up with a perch.
  • Make a fun and interactive new toy or chain them together to form a bridge.

Proper Sizing: This toy part is best for very small or very large birds. It is safe if your bird can pass it's entire body through the link or if your bird is large enough that it can not get it's head into the center of the link. This toy part is NOT recommended for birds who can put their head in but not their full body because they may panic if the manage to get stuck.

Baby Links are a great cage accessory for small birds like parrotlets, lovebirds and budgies. As long as you bird can fit it's entire body through the center of the link it will be a good size.

Overall size 2.5" x 2". Center opening size 1 1/8" x 1 7/8"

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