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Think Spring - Small Bird Toy

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Think Spring with this irresistible small bird toy for lovebirds, cockatiels and green cheeked conures.

This beautiful toy will keep your small birds entertained with texture and color.

They'll spring into action and take to this toy with glee.
  • 1/4" Balsa
  • Cardstock cut-outs for tempting shredding 
  • Snappy beads
  • Including the pear link it hangs about 9" long and 5" wide
  • Choose "Make it Naked" or "Keep it Colored" options

NEW OPTION: Make it Naked! Go ahead, give it a try, you'll love it. We promise. Since the launch of our new line of Bare Naked Bird Toys we are offering some of our long time favorite toys with a "Naked" Option. Just choose "Make it Naked" and we will send you a version of the toy which is free of color, in the buff, in the nude and au naturel. Choose "Keep it Colored" for the original version.

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