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The Babysitter II - Bird Toy

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The Babysitter II is Two Bird Toys in One

  • Once your bird removes the bagels they are left with a chain full of beads and cups to play with.
  • Keep your bird busy and entertained for hours. 
  • Loaded with fun!
  • Dozens of compressed paper rings (birdie bagels) for your bird to peel and shred
  • Recommended for medium to large birds.
  • 15 inches long by 3 1/2 inches wide and deep.
SAFETY NOTE: Please be sure this toy is sized properly for your bird.  This toy has spaces that are 1 3/4" in size. If you your bird can fit it's head in a space this size then this toy is too big for your bird to use safely. It recommended for larger sized birds like Grays, Amazons and Eclectus.

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