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Small Plastic Chain - 3 mm thick, 3/4" links

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Colorful Plastic Chain - Links are 3/4" (18.5 mm) in length and 3 mm (3/32 inch) thick.

Be inspired, use your imagination, craft the best toy ever!
  • Great for making toys for sugar gliders or small birds
  • Works with our C links and mini links
  • Perfect to hanging charms
  • Tie on some fabric or cotton rope for a lovely preening toy
  • Great for Sugar Glider Reset Toys
Also fun for:
  • Kids jewelry and crafts
  • Charm bracelets and necklaces
Minimum order of 5 feet per color, must order in 5 foot increments, chain will be shipped in one continuous length if it is less than 100 feet. Longer lengths may be shipped as multiple long pieces.

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