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Set of 3 Bird Nests Foot Toys - Bird Toys

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Your Price: $3.50
Part Number: BirdNests
Availability: In Stock.
Set of 3 Bird's Nest Pick-A-Part Toys

Your bird will love to pluck the beads from the toy one by one.
  • These unique loofah toys are adorned with tropical colored beads.
  • Even though they are large for a foot toy they are very lightweight and suitable for conure and larger sized birds.
  • Approximate size: 2-3 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick.
People who reviewed this toy said:

"Really cute foot toys just as described cute packaging thank you"

"great ideas! birdies love them!"

"Super cute! I put one in my pet carrier so my birdies have something to do on the plane that wont make an absolute mess."

"came in the mail fast- my cockatiel loves her new toys!"

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