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Over the Rainbow - Balsa Bird Toy for Small Birds

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Over the Rainbow - is a colorful and fun, easy to chew bird toy for any sized bird. It is especially enjoyed by birds who like easy to chew balsa.

Balsa Toys are some of our most popular bird toys. 

Features include:
  • 1/4" Pine Chippers
  • 1/4" thick Balsa Slats
  • 1" Balsa Cubes
  • Dangling Chains for added entertainment
  • Snappy Beads
  • Colored with pet safe food coloring
  • Strung on poly rope
  • Choose quick link or no attachments
  • About 10 inches long by 4 inches wide.

Your bird will love this interactive toy!

NEW OPTION: Make it Naked! Go ahead, give it a try, you'll love it. We promise. Since the launch of our new line of Bare Naked Bird Toys we are offering some of our long time favorite toys with a "Naked" Option. Just choose "Make it Naked" and we will send you a version of the toy which is free of color, in the buff, in the nude and au naturel. Choose "Keep it Colored" for the original version.

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