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Mixit - Bird Toy for Large Parrots, Macaws and Cockatoos

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Mixit a new kind of bird toy. 

It's a customizable toy for your Parrots.

How Does it work?

Simple, just choose three options from the pictures and we will turn you selections into one big toy for your bird.

Mix it, Match it. It's up to you.

This toy comes with three strands. Pictured is one strand each of Boss, Sophie and Tiki. Please choose your custom mix from the options list.


  • It's like three toys in one. 
  • Purchase extra links if you would like to hang the strands individually.
  • This toy has our thickest blocks and is intended for the big chewers.
  • While we can't guarantee how long this toy will last with your bird, we can tell you that it features the biggest blocks that we offer.
  • We also purposefully designed it using quick and simple construction techniques to maximize the fun and reduce labor costs so that you could get the most toy for your money.
  • Check back for additional options.

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