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Little Nibbler Birdie Garland - Small Bird Toy

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The Little Nibbler Birdie Garland is sure to please your little feathered babies.

It's a super fun shreddable balsa toy and a cage decoration all in one.

Everything on this toy can be chewed and enjoyed by your bird
  • Wood beads
  • Munch Balls
  • Soft balsa wood
  • Paper rope
  • Fun vine stars
  • Choose nickle-plated quick links or provide your own fasteners
  • Approximate size: 10" long when draped for hanging.

NEW OPTION: Make it Naked! Go ahead, give it a try, you'll love it. We promise. Since the launch of our new line of Bare Naked Bird Toys we are offering some of our long time favorite toys with a "Naked" Option. Just choose "Make it Naked" and we will send you a version of the toy which is free of color, in the buff, in the nude and au naturel. Choose "Keep it Colored" for the original version.

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