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Chipper Medium - Bird Toy

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Part Number: ChipperMedium
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The Chipper Medium Bird toy if filled with our famous chipper blocks.

Conures, Caiques, African Grays and other small to medium sized parrots will adore this bird toy.It's jam-packed with natural cross cut 3/8" thick chipper blocks and colored wheels strung on poly rope.
  • Chipper blocks are cross cut and break into chips when gnawed by your parrots
  • Even birds who don't like to chew wood love chipper blocks
  • All colors are hand dyed with food coloring
  • Recommended for small and medium birds. My caiques love to turn this toy into a pile of chips.
  • Strung on bird safe poly rope
  • 8 inches long by 4 inches wide and deep.

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