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Bill's Big Box of Birdie Bagels - Free Shipping

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Part Number: BillsBox
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It's not really top secret, but it is defiantly intriguing. What's inside?

The name offers a clue but leaves so many questions. What's a birdie bagel, how big is the box and who the heck is Bill?

So here's the scoop:
  • Box weighs nearly 13 pounds and is filled to the brim with Birdie Bagels 
  • Includes 200 fatty bagels, 200 2.75" bagels and Ships for Free. That's 400 bagels and shipping is included!
  • Many birds will spend the better part of the afternoon peeling these birdie bagels.
  • Assorted colors: Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Blue and Green
  • You do not have to be named Bill to buy Bill's Big Box of Birdie Bagels

SAFETY TIP: Make sure the center hole is either small enough for your bird can not put his head in or large enough that your bird can pass it's body ally the way through the hole.

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