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Lifelong Bird Lover with A Creative Bent

That's me there in the picture and those are my birdie buddies, pride and joy, and the closest thing I have to babies. I'm pretty much all birds all the time (just ask my friends)!

How did it get to be this way?

I got my first budgie before I was 8 and have pretty much had birds ever since. I've looked after budgies, lovebirds, quakers, a cockatoo, parrotlets and caiques. Right now I am enjoying my little flock of caiques.

These birds are my inspiration and motivation to design safe and fun bird toys. I spend my time looking after these little wonders, building and designing bird toys, learning all about parrots and how to give them the very best care. I also love to travel and all the while I am on the hunt for "life birds". Yep I'm also a bird watcher and photographer. One day I would like to see all the birds that breed in the United States and Canada. Right now I am about halfway there.

Companion parrot knowledge and education have increased immensely over the last 30 years and all for the benefit of our birds. I am so pleased to be a part of it.

My partner in crime is my husband, he is the master builder and problem solver, aviary maker, chief hole driller and woodcutter. This whole endeavor would not be possible without him.

Our specialty is high quality pet supplies. We make most of our products ourselves. When you shop with us you can be happy that you are supporting a home based business and that your money is being used to support a family and it's feathered buddies (not a big corporation).

We make our bird toys the safest we know how and are always looking for ways to make them better.

All products are made, packed and stored in bird free facilities.

The Process

I have made and sold bird toys for years. For several years I resold toys that others had made. I soon realized that bird lovers didn't need one more shop selling the same old stuff. How much more fun would it be to have something original. So in 2014, I relaunched my own line of bird toys, The Best Bird Toys!

One of decision I made early on was to dye my own wood and natural items and with colors of my choosing, something modern and up to date. First I settled on four bright, fresh colors neon pink, turquoise blue, lime green and fresh orange. Later I added deep purple and sunflower to the line-up. Who knows what surprises the future will hold.

I take my inspiration from the birds in my life, a variety of materials and the latest ideas in safe enriching bird keeping. I also find a my customers to be a great source of inspiration.

A Lifetime Passion for Animals Leads to Toys with Purpose

So you want to know a little bit about me? Where to start? There is so much to tell...How about how I got started making toys for small animals?

I've been passionate about animals my whole life. I love, love, love them, but that in itself is not passion. Passion is backed up not only by emotion but by beliefs. Strong, firmly rooted and long held beliefs. Passion not only describes me when it comes to pet care but it describes my very nature, I do nothing half way.

I've been passionate about pets since as long as I can remember. Be it dogs, cats, fish or birds. I have had them all it seems, but one thing is missing, small furry critters. Due to allergies I've never actually called these fuzzy critters my own. So, where does the passion come in?

I've been fascinated by little furry and hairy critters from up close and afar. I adored the gerbils who were class pets in grade school. While others just walked by I couldn't pass up a chance to watch them dig tunnels or hop about. I swooned for the opportunity to hold them. Mice and rats are just so smart. I can respect that, I've found them to be intriguing. Even their wild cousins are cute!

The softest thing I ever remember touching is the silver fur of a pet store chinchilla I met as a teenager. I still remember it to this day. Rabbits, hamsters guinea pigs; each one holds it's own special place in my heart as a unique and intelligent animal who deserves love and the best life possible.

As for my own pets, I have kept parrots as companions and even raised baby parrots as companions for others. Talk about a labor of love!

Nearly a decade ago, I began to make toys for my parrots to provide them with enrichment and fun. This almost immediately turned into a successful venture of providing toys for other small parrots. There was really very little available that met my personal high standards of safety, interactivity, fun and affordability.

Building upon first hand observation, research and conversations with hundreds of other parrot owners I have designed and built a collection of safe, fun and enriching toys for parrots of various sizes and species.

A couple of years ago a potential customer suggested to me that I should make guinea pig toys. Starting with our conversation, I realized that there is a huge shortage of interesting and enriching toys for rodents and other small animals. This realization sparked my passion for small animal toys.

In keeping with my priorities of safety and enrichment I set out to build small animal toys for fuzzy critters that are as appealing in appearance and price to their human families as they are to the animals themselves. And in 2017 Fuzzy's Toy Shop was born.

Make Toys, Be Happy

Here for your shopping pleasure is a selection of toy making parts which will surely spark your imagination!

I've been a crafter all my life and I understand that crafting is all about the craft supplies! You know I'm right ;)

You don't just want one color, you NEED them ALL.

As a toy maker, I'm always trying to provide my animals (and everyone else's) with something fun to play with. Be it an old favorite or a new adventure it all starts with the right toy parts.

It can be inconvenient and expensive to gather your parts from all over the city or all over the internet. My mission with this shop is to offer you a one stop shop so you can fulfill your toy making dreams! I hope you swoon when you see the colors, and the textures, the limitless possibilities of what you can craft for your beloved pets.

So welcome to Spark Parts. Let the toy parts inspire you. Make toys, be happy :)

I have spent years gathering everything you need to make toys for birds, small animals and sugar gliders. Safety is my number one concern. We cut and sand much of our own wood and I color all the wood and naturals with food coloring so that it is pet safe.

As always, enjoy the toys and let me know how your pet's enjoy them too!


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